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Select a tab below for some of our tips to help you prepare for your move. Upon booking with us, be sure to ask if there are any additional restrictions or requirements specific to your move.

  • Start planning well in advance. Make sure to check all of your belongings and make an inventory of everything to be moved. Visit every room in your house and decide what you’d take with you and what you want to get rid of.

  • Research items that can’t be moved such as anything flammable, combustible or explosive.  There may be other restrictions as well, so please check with your moving company if in doubt.

  • Donate any unwanted clothing, housewares, or furniture or have a garage sale (or list items online on sites such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist).

  • Collect or purchase boxes and moving supplies such as tapes, newspaper, bubble wraps, markers etc. for packing. Also make sure to order any necessary specialty items like mattress covers, wardrobe boxes, dish barrels, etc.

  • In order to receive your mail and bills after your move, go to your local post office and submit a change of address ahead of time, so you start receiving mail at your new address.

  • Check the location of your new home and consider the best way to get there. If you are making a cross country move, you’ll want to book the flight tickets for your family and pets, so give yourself plenty of time to make the proper travel arrangements.

  • Get in touch with professional moving services 3-4 weeks ahead of the projected moving date.. Give more time to the professional movers for planning and estimating your requirements if possible. Choose your moving company and confirm the arrangements.

  • If your new home will be under renovations or there is a waiting period before you can take complete possession, you may need to lease space for short term storage. If necessary, arrange for storage ​- ask SSW how we can help with your storage needs!


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